5 most common fleet management issues

What are the 5 most common fleet management issues that impact on operational costs?

  1. Rising costs: Fuel costs are the most intrinsic operational costs and have the largest impact on your bottom line.
  2. E-tolls: Erroneous billing and disputes with Sanral are very time consuming and frustrating to sort out.
  3. Accidents: The number of truck related accidents is on the increase recently mostly due to the deterioration of our National
  4. Driver behaviour: Speeding, harsh braking and excessive idling cause excess wear and tear and increase the fuel consumption.
  5. Fuel theft and card fraud: With the increase in fuel prices, fuel theft and card fraud are at an all time high.

The only way to reduce these costs is to address these issues at an operational level. Telematics and fleet management solutions are by far the most effective and actionable method.

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