Board of Directors

Pointer_Website_Yossi Yossi Ben-Shalom - Chairman of the Board of Directors

Yossi Ben-Shalom has served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors since April 2003. Mr. Ben-Shalom was Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Koor Industries Ltd. (KOR) from 1998 through to 2000. Before that, Mr. Ben-Shalom served as Chief Financial Officer of Tadiran Ltd. Mr. Ben-Shalom was an active director in numerous boards, including: NICE Systems (NICE), (computer telephony); Machteshim Agan (chemistry); and Investec Bank, amongst others. Mr. Ben-Shalom was an active chairman in successful turnaround programs, such as Eurocar Israel, and American Express Israel. He also participated in the creation of TDA VC fund (a joint venture between Tempelton and Tadiran) and was an active Chairman of Scopus – a technology company with sales of over $30 million. Yossi is a co-founder of DBSI Investments Ltd. Mr. Ben-Shalom holds a BA in Economics and an MA in Business Management from Tel Aviv University.


Pointer_Website_Barak Barak Dotan - Director

Barak Dotan was appointed as Director on our board in April 2003. Mr. Dotan is a co-founder of DBSI Investments Ltd., a private investment company that has made various investments in private and public companies. Before establishing DBSI Investments, Mr. Dotan worked as Product Manager for Jacada (Nasdaq: JCDA), formerly CST, a software company that provides complete software infrastructure to transform legacy systems into e-business and wireless solutions. Thereafter, Barak managed private investments in high-tech and other areas. Mr. Dotan graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem summa cum laude with a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Business Management.


Pointer_Website_Nir Nir Cohen - Director

Nir Cohen, was appointed as Director on our board in June 2012. Currently Mr. Cohen serves as Chief Financial Officer of DBSI Investments Ltd. Before joining DBSI Investments, Mr. Cohen served as partner and CFO of Argoquest Holdings, LLC, a privately held US investment company specializing in high-tech investments. Prior to joining Argoquest, Mr. Cohen served as a senior associate at Kesselman & Kesselman, an Israeli affiliate of the global accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Before joining PwC, Mr. Cohen worked as an auditor for the accounting firm KPMG in Israel. Mr. Cohen holds a BA in Accounting and Business Management from the College of Management, and is a Certified Public Accountant in Israel.


Pointer_Website_Gil Gil Oren - External Director

Gil Oren has served on our board as an External Director since July 2008. Mr. Oren is an independent business advisor. During the years 2002-2007 Mr. Oren served as the Chief Executive Officer of Ytong Industries Ltd. During such years Mr. Oren also served on the Board of Directors of Ytong Industries Ltd., Nirlat Ltd., Aloni Conglomerate Ltd., Carmit Ltd., Orlite Industries Ltd. (in addition to serving as the Chief Executive Officer), Orlite Millennium Ltd., Vulcan Casting Ltd., and Urdan Industries Ltd. Mr. Oren holds a B.A in accounting and economics from Tel Aviv University and a M.B.A from Tel Aviv University. Mr. Oren is also a Certified Public Accountant.


Pointer_Website_Zvi Zvi Rutenberg - External Director

Zvi Rutenberg has served on our board as an External Director since July 2008. Mr. Rutenberg currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the industrial division of Minrav Ltd, where he has served since May 2010. In May 2008 Mr. Rutenberg established Global Point Ltd., a company which provides management consultancy services for industrial companies. Between May 1997 and May 2008, Mr. Rutenberg served as the Chief Executive Officer of Durabond Ltd., and from January 2004 to May 2008, he also served as the Chief Executive Officer of Durabond’s sister company, Ashkalit Chemiprod Ltd. Mr. Rutenberg holds a B.Sc in Industrial and Management Engineering from Ben Gurion University.


Pointer_Website_Yonatan Jonathan Irroni - Gandyr Group CEO

Jonathan Irroni was appointed a director on our board in December 2014. Currently, Mr. Irroni serves as the CEO of Gandyr Group and the manager of their investment activities. He holds extensive experience in banking and business and was among other roles, the chairperson of the Bank of Jerusalem and CEO of Investec Bank (U-Bank of today).