Pioneering “Internet of Things” for MRM

The First IoT Solution Designed for MRM by Pointer

Pointer delivered the first MultiSense Device & Platform for the Internet of Things (IoT).

We've developed a platform that provides everything you need to generate data-driven insights from connected things or assets. With it you’ll be able to connect and monitor assets from virtually anywhere, for almost any industry - including transportation, logistics, insurance, healthcare, food and beverage, oil and gas, construction and mining, energy and utilities, retail, automotive and agriculture.

You’ll have the most suitable M2X cloud platform at your disposal which will enable you to manage and track your THINGS. This includes activation, cloud storage and app customisation.

The CelloTrack Nano portable HUB and Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) connect statuses from your business, home, vehicle, asset, cargo, sensitive goods, pharmaceuticals, and perishables with the cloud and from there to a web-application, smartphone and tablet. Capturing the status of almost any THING —humidity, temperature, altitude, location, noise-voice, light, movement — the solution then filters and analyses the data into actionable insights and alerts for any exceptional behaviour.

This is a defining moment across technologies -  whether mobile or fixed location, impacting supply chains (standard, special, cold-refrigeration), businesses and product lifecycles. Pointer solutions for IoT are available for SME's, large enterprises and multinationals

Pointer has launched the first generation IoT Solution stack and are already busy analysing performance in order to build the second generation. These solutions can help you increase efficiency and save money, impacting your bottom line faster by enabling processes that were previously out of reach.

Call our experts to learn more how Pointer is pioneering IoT for MRM (Mobile Resource Management).
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