What Makes Pointer Different?

In an industry plagued with  an "off the shelf, one size fits all approach", Pointer differentiates itself by bringing its 22 years experience in the South African vehicle & asset tracking and management market to the fore and has built a global reputation for delivering tailor-made solutions for our clients' exacting business requirements. We truly understand that no two fleets a alike in their vehicle telematics, tracking and mobile asset management requirements.

This is made possible by our unique SaaS based solutions that consistently interrogates business data at the most granular level. Pointer provides our customers with the exact insights they need to give their Fleet and Mobile Resources the edge by optimising their businesses to remain a step ahead of anyone else. Pointer has become the de facto standard in World Class Fleet and Mobile Resource Management solutions and it has done this by taking a long term, partnership approach with it's clients.

Tailoring Solutions 

No two fleets are alike in the same way that every one of your customers is unique. In today's competitive environment, one size fits all solutions just aren’t good enough anymore . You need a Vehicle and Asset Management Solution that is tailored to fit your fleet and is aligned with your business requirements and objectives.

Our expert data analysts and Technical Sales work with you to gain a deep understand of your needs, environment and business goals. These professionals will design a tailored solution that optimises your business operations so that you have the capacity and on the spot agility to achieve your business vision and goals.

Pointer has been tailoring fleet and telemetry solutions for nearly 22 years, is present in 88 countries and manages over 3 million light and heavy commercial vehicles.

Tell us what you need.

Customised Solutions

You want your fleet management system to be as smooth and seamless as possible. You also want the the ability to leverage and utilise a wide range of technologies, sensors and systems. Pointer will customise a solution that addresses your exacting business requirements using best-of-breed components or leveraging your existing ones by integrating them into our platform.

So if you want to monitor fuel usage, need to monitor planning versus accomplished deliveries or need to comply with Cold Chain Supply or HAZMAT requirements, Pointer has you covered.

Be Empowered with Pointer's M2M and IoT solutions and deliver what your customers require.