Buy the right vehicle for your load

Would you deliver flowers on a flatbed truck?

Flowers on truck

It is so important to choose the right vehicle for your use. You wouldn’t want to destroy the meat and fresh produce you deliver by not using a cold storage truck. So think deeper and understand that type and weight of your load vs the size and horse power of the vehicle. What kind of fuel consumption are you going to have? Maybe a different vehicle would be more suitable to the load you transport, maybe all you need is solution that helps to reduce the overall fuel consumption of your entire fleet. You could save millions.

Take a typical rigid vehicle application and the typical annual mileage, operating at an all-up mass of 7, 15 and 26 tonnes respectively, the fuel cost will constitute between 25 and 27% of a fleet owners annual operating cost. In a typical truck-tractor and interlink application, the fuel constitutes around 50 to 56% of the operating costs. That’s not a small amount and should be considered when purchasing the vehicle.

You as the fleet operator should also clearly understand the type of vehicle you’ll need to perform the services your business provides, in the most cost effective, maintenance efficient manner possible. Bakkies vs light commercial vehicle, cold chain vs transporter, it’s not an easy choice. Understanding how the engine handles the loads and the types of tires that the vehicle needs to operate efficiently are all part of the buying process.

Fuel consumption is the primary cost of a fleet and Pointer has a solution for reducing this as well as mitigating risk of fuel theft and fraud.

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