Pointer Fleet Feature: Accident notification, reporting & reconstruction

Pointer Fleet is the web based platform that allows you to view and manage all your mobile assets from a single interface. Drill down and see the location and activity of each vehicle and driver. The Safety Module is an added benefit to the platform and in the case of the Cello IQ range and CANBus hardware, the accident notification, reporting and reconstruction feature is a vital tool. The accident report displays all available accidents per date grouped by vehicle/driver.

Let’s say your driver who has been working for you for 3 years is driving along a farm road at a higher speed that what is legal for that segment. A goat unexpectedly crosses the road, which the driver sees at the last minute and in order to miss the goat he swerves the truck and hits a tree.

Standard Accident Detection

The accident detection system will activate the moment impact occurs and is picked up by 8 different impact zones. The accident alert is sent immediately to the configured person, and the Alarm Response Centre of Pointer for immediate action. Ground recovery services can also be dispatched to assist the driver. This feature comes standard with the Cello IQ 30 and 40 hardware.

Enhanced Accident detection & analysis

The Cello IQ 50 and Cello CAN-IQ hardware has developed further reporting by providing the fleet manager with an immediate and automated accident report. This can show you the exact location of the accident, as well as the condition of the road and the behaviour of the driver at the time of the accident. Was he speeding, or driving erratically? When driver ID is used in conjunction, the history of the driver’s behaviour and accidents over a pre-defined time period is also provided as part of the report so the fleet manager can get a full understanding of each element that contributed to the incident.

Reconstruction of the event is required if the accident has any legal repercussions, such as someone being injured or killed during the incident. This report is crucial for a fleet owner who is ultimately responsible for all his vehicles in the case of an accident.

For more information take a look at the video.


Accident report img6

Seriously secure.

Telematics is not just for the track and trace of vehicles or trucks. The technology is so highly developed that you can monitor the fuel usage and driver behaviour to improve performance and productivity, among many other applications.

So it is no surprise that we can use the solutions developed by Pointer for securing things that don’t have wheels. Such as cargo containers. This is where the Trailer Tracking unit and the Container lock are a good match.

The TTU is an easily installed magnetic application which in simple terms tracks trailers. It is easily plugged into the transport unit’s power source and it is surrounded by a weather proof rugged shell, which allows it to be installed almost anywhere on the container. It allows for the container to be monitored throughout the supply chain without interfering with the logistic operations, such as authorities inspections, transport, loading and unloading etc.

The Container Lock has strategically placed sensors which provide alerts to the platform or your smart device should the lock be tampered with or an attempt to remove it without authorisation. The lock is easily installed and removed at the appropriate time without having to open the container itself, thus ensuring the privacy of the cargo. The cargo lock enables the cargo owner to control and monitor its own cargo independently from the vehicle that transports it.

So between the 2 devices you have a secure container that you can track and monitor in any yard or port, and along the full length of the supply chain, as well as a container lock that is securing the cargo itself.

Tracking and security working hand in hand.

Cargo doo security seal

Reduce speeding, reduce risk and high costs.

Speeding is a lesson that is drummed into all of us from a young age. You might have heard your mom tell your dad to slow down, or you might have had an accident related to speeding that taught you the lesson. We are all taught about speeding and speed limits when we do our driver’s training, and law enforcement are constantly reminding us to slow down.

So why are we all guilty of speeding at one time or another? Maybe this lesson has been repeated so many times it has become a bit over saturated in our minds. South Africa certainly has an issue with drivers obeying the road laws. This goes back as far as the first motor vehicle accident in South Africa in 1903 which involved a car and a train. Neither the driver or the passenger were killed but it has been said that the investigation into the accidents was done with a remarkably casual attitude. This is generally how we feel towards the rules of the road in South Africa. And since this accident 1.3% of the global total of vehicle accidents has occurred in South Africa, possibly as a result of our casual attitude towards road rules.

maybe speed limit

Did you know that the difference between a pedestrian being hit by a vehicle travelling at 40km/h or 50km/h is life and death?

In our modern age the commercial vehicles are much more strictly regulated for safety and driver behaviour than passenger vehicles. This includes things like geo-fenced zones with strict speed limits, as well as in-cab buzzers for drivers exceeding the limit. As a telematics provider we are always listening to the needs of our clients and how their business might need a specific solution to a speeding problem. Transport companies have to be more cautious with speeding due to the high impact accidents or just simple bad driving can have on a business.

  1. High insurance premiums.
  2. High cost for repairs or damage caused by accidents.
  3. Loss of life.
  4. Liability of the company director who might be prosecuted.

We offer geo-fenced zones with regulated speed limits as well as in-cab buzzer for over speeding. Pointer has also pioneered the Driver Feedback Display unit which actually talks to your drivers in a pre-set language, to provide on-going in-cab coaching.  Our dashboard also categorises speeding into severity with moderate, medium and major for SHEQ compliance.

Take a look at this case study relating to driver behaviour and the DFD unit.

Our road sector speed solution ensures that your drivers are always aware of the changing speed limits on the roads along their routes, and provides alerts to when they are exceeding these. A good one to have if your drivers are travelling within school zones.

Road worthy or road kill? That is the question.

Countries like Australia and the UK have an annual road worthy test on all vehicles active on the roads. South Africa only asks that a test is done during the sale of a vehicle. The difference? We see cars and taxis with no headlights or sliding doors that are falling off. How many blown truck tyres have you seen on the highway to Durban from Jhb lately?

The SA government is currently considering enforcing a law similar to Australia and the UK, which would get more vehicles in better operating condition, but how enforceable is this and what kind of impact is it going to have on the population’s pocket?

Did you know that 60% of South African drivers license’s are fake, and 80% of cars on the roads in Western Cape and KZN are not roadworthy?

Thankfully for the commercial industry there are in fact requirements for a road worthy test to be done annually on heavy vehicles over 3500kg’s. This means that the vehicles that are on the roads the most and cover the most distance, are in good operating condition. These heavy vehicles cause some of the most devastating accidents so at least road worthiness can be removed as a primary concern for the cause.

Holiday seasons mean busier schedules for commercial fleet owners; more deliveries, time constraints and higher stress levels. We all want to ensure there are fewer accidents and high productivity at this time of year. So why not do a self-check on your vehicles to ensure they are in good condition?

Pointers’ web based fleet management system enables you to setup alerts and reminders for your annual road worthy tests, service & maintenance due, as well as the expiry of a drivers’ license.

Check out this list of check points to road worthy vehicles over 3500kg’s.

3 tips for road worthy Tread wear Driver fatigue causes

R1 billion in loss of stolen farming, construction and mining equipment per year!

Less than 6% of the machines stolen are ever recovered.

Recently the syndicates that steal and sell these machines have become more brazen and the black market value of them is increasing, and so is the profit that the thieves make from it. It is becoming more obvious to us at Pointer that there are a lot of companies who own or rent these machines, are not overly concerned about their machines going missing so they do not install any tracking or fleet management systems into them. This must change and the perception that no one will want to go to the effort of stealing such a large and obvious machine also needs to be changed. The syndicates that operate in this particular black market are very efficient and experienced and sell the machines very fast and for a lot of profit.

So what are the most commonly stolen yellow equipment machines?
1. The ride on lawnmower. It is small enough to load into a truck and hide inside a house. They sell very fast and net the syndicates a tidy sum.
Ride on mower

2. The farmers tractor. It has a highe enough value and can easily be loaded to a flatbed or tow truck.

3. The backhoe. This has a very high value for the syndicates and can be towed easily enough.

Having the right tracking solution in place is becoming crucial and not only can the solution help mitigate your risk of theft, we can also provide you with monitoring of your driver’s behaviour in relation to idling time, which can cost you money in fuel; and the times and use of the machines day and night in and around a set geo-fenced area. This is also an area that is becoming a concern, whereby these earth movers are being used after hours by staff who have no compunction about using them for another purpose. So not only can we provide you with a tracking and recovery solution, but we can also give you a driver behaviour solution that will assist you with understanding what your driver’s are doing with the machines and how they might be causing you more operational costs than is necessary.

Fuel management is a concern for the construction and mining companies as much as it is for a road transporter. Do your driver’s over idle or speed in these large machines? Are they entering a zone of the site that they are not authorised for? What about fuel theft? This is becoming a serious problem on the sites and it needs to be addressed.

So what are Pointer doing about these challenges?
We are offering a free audit on your current telematics solution and we have also prepared a package deal for only R229 per vehicle per month that includes the following:

• Fleet management unit with 3 minute report rate
• panic button and tow alert
• Recovery and Bureau services 24/7 of which Pointer has a 100% recover rate
• GPS odometer and speed
• Geo-fencing
*Optional accessory of Driver ID

The benefits of this package is that it will mitigate your risk of theft, and should the machine be stolen we do have a 100% recovery rate. Other benefits include reporting on driver behaviour to help you implement a better driving style in your drivers. We will also be able to tell you if the machines are being used out of hours for another purpose and provide you with actionable insights into your fleet’s daily tasks.

If this sounds like a solution you can’t afford to miss, view and download the brochure.
Pointer – The Smart Way Forward.

Mobile Assets are under threat!

Hijacking statistics are up by 30% in 2015 for cargo trailers, with about 7% of that for cargo valued at less than R300 000.

With understanding of what Pointers’ Trailer tracking unit does, comes an understanding of how much the fleet operators need one for each and every one of their trailers and cargo containers.

So how does a TTU help your business?

  1. Reduce the risk of theft.
  2. Reduce the Goods in Transit Insurance premiums.
  3. Increase security on precious or hazardous material.
  4. 24/7 recovery service
  5. GPS positioning on the actual trailers.
  6. Alerts if power is disconnected from the suzi.

It is shocking that so few trailers are actually tracked considering that South Africa has a high hijacking rate and that the thieves come prepared. They know that the horse has a tracking unit and simply unhitch the trailer and take it away to be unloaded, while a driver takes the horse on a joy ride thereby evading the recovery team. The cargo is the primary focus for the thieves as much as it is for the fleet manager who’s job it is to deliver that cargo. Why would you not have a tracking unit on the actual trailer?

Goods in Transit insurance is a must for transporters and the premiums are considered to be very high. It is a fact that having a tracking unit on the trailer or with the goods will reduce the premium on the insurance. Another reason for having a tracking unit.

Who benefits from a TTU?

Trailer tracking units are most beneficial to fleet managers who do not own the mobile asset, such as construction companies who rent plant equipment. These assets are left on the site over night or parked at someones home. Wouldn’t having a solution that monitors the location and movement of the trailers or plant equipment be beneficial to fleet operators and construction managers alike?

Pointer has developed a trailer tracking unit that comes in 2 forms. 1 is wireless and has a magnet application whereby the fleet manager can easily attach the device himself to a plant machine or trailer. The device gives a GPS location and is easily interchangeable between different trailers and machines.

The highly durable and weatherproof casing ensures that the devices can be placed anywhere on the machine and requires very minimal maintenance. The battery is rechargeable and has a lifespan of up to 3 years. The installation only takes seconds to mount and is as easy as a fridge magnet, but definitely not as easy to remove. This device has become integral to managers of construction and mining sites as well as cargo haulers.

The 2nd unit is a powered unit that connects via the suzi cable of the horse. It provides you with GPS positioning and alerts if the suzi has lost power.

Both units come with alerts and reports sent to the fleet management platform, as well as 24/7 recovery service with Pointers’ recovery team who have a 95% recovery rate.

A solution worth while. Download the brochure for more details or contact us directly.

Do you know the ‘health’ of your vehicle? Does it need a health check?

Pointer has a CAN-bus digital solution which integrates into the engine control unit and tells you how the vehicle is functioning. This will alert fleet managers to any fuel consumption anomalies, excessive idling, over revving or damaging gear shifting that might be done out of sequence and put unnecessary strain on the engine. Imagine being able to watch your fleet in real time – all the time. With Point SA you can.

Modern vehicles contain many micro-controllers that connect into a Controller Area Network (CAN bus), the biggest being the Engine Control Unit (ECU). CAN bus is a message-based protocol, originally designed for multiplex electrical wiring within automobiles. CAN bus is one of the protocols used in the On-Board Diagnostics vehicle diagnostics standard. Once you turn on the vehicle switch and throughout the vehicle’s trip, the micro-controllers send status messages that we read, filter and analyse.

We can alert you to the engine being overused or fuel siphoning in real-time. This obviously creates a process whereby you as the fleet manager have actionable insights that you can act on immediately. Imagine being able to call the driver while he is driving and tell him that his gear shifting is causing strain on the engine.

Save your money before it’s spent, contact us for more information.

Sleepy driver image

Driver fatigue is one of the biggest killer’s on the road and causes about 20% of motorway accidents.

Did you know that circadian rhythm, the body’s natural rhythm associated with the earth’s rotation, causes nearly everyone to be less alert or even drowsy between 1 and 5 p.m. Driver fatigue is often associated with long distance driving but can easily be seen in driver’s who have been working a long day or been tired out by an activity such as sport or an afternoon at the beach. Emotional stress, boredom and even sun glare can cause fatigue.

One of the reasons that driver fatigue accidents are so serious is because driver’s asleep at the wheel are not able to react or respond to a developing situation, and therefore cannot take action such as swerving to avoid something in the road, or braking early enough. Tiredness related accidents are 3 times more likely to result in serious injury or death due to the lack of reaction from the driver in a situation.







This is in fact the only thing that will work.

Pointer’s Intelligent driver monitoring system will notify you in real-time when your driver is:

You can even choose the level of severity (mild, moderate, severe) you want to be notified of and take necessary action to avoid an incident. This is Pointer’s approach to ensuring Driver Safety on our roads by building RTMS guidelines into Pointer Fleet Intelligence Systems.

Aiming for less fatigue related accidents is high on our list of things to do expertly. Contact us for more information on how we can help your drivers improve performance and reduce risky driving.

Would you deliver flowers on a flatbed truck?

Flowers on truck

It is so important to choose the right vehicle for your use. You wouldn’t want to destroy the meat and fresh produce you deliver by not using a cold storage truck. So think deeper and understand that type and weight of your load vs the size and horse power of the vehicle. What kind of fuel consumption are you going to have? Maybe a different vehicle would be more suitable to the load you transport, maybe all you need is solution that helps to reduce the overall fuel consumption of your entire fleet. You could save millions.

Take a typical rigid vehicle application and the typical annual mileage, operating at an all-up mass of 7, 15 and 26 tonnes respectively, the fuel cost will constitute between 25 and 27% of a fleet owners annual operating cost. In a typical truck-tractor and interlink application, the fuel constitutes around 50 to 56% of the operating costs. That’s not a small amount and should be considered when purchasing the vehicle.

You as the fleet operator should also clearly understand the type of vehicle you’ll need to perform the services your business provides, in the most cost effective, maintenance efficient manner possible. Bakkies vs light commercial vehicle, cold chain vs transporter, it’s not an easy choice. Understanding how the engine handles the loads and the types of tires that the vehicle needs to operate efficiently are all part of the buying process.

Fuel consumption is the primary cost of a fleet and Pointer has a solution for reducing this as well as mitigating risk of fuel theft and fraud.

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Think Smart, move Smart.

Healthy furit

Would you eat vegetables or meat that you know were transported from farms across the country in a hot, damp truck container rather than a properly monitored and controlled one? The answer to this is obvious.

Cold chain logistics are becoming more and more important globally as the world is becoming an open market. Lamb from New Zealand, mussels from the Pacific, seafood from The Med. The world is growing and our tastes are becoming more demanding. Fresh produce is shipped from all over the world to be sold in places that enjoy the taste of other lands, and cold chain supply shipment needs to keep up with the demand.

Regulations and standards of supply are becoming more stringent due to the rise of bacterial infections across the globe. Cold Chain logistics management must be able to keep the produce at the specified temperature and monitor the humidity and pressure as well, for the duration of the trip.

Technology investment remains critical when cold chain operators must continually upgrade technology to ensure efficiency, integrity, and safety. This includes both back-end IT infrastructure and front-end devices to gather and report key shipment data in real time

We at Pointer have developed solutions that work to ensure efficient cold chain management so that the foodstuff in transit is maintained at the right temperature and is delivered to the warehouse in the same fresh condition they left the farm in. Pointer boasts an impressive array of food retailers that utilise Pointer Cold Chain solutions around the world to ensure the freshness and quality of the delivered product. We assist our clients in adhering to strict legislated humidity and temperature control requirements in perishables transportation.

Move with us and view the brochure for more information. The Smart Way Forward.