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Would you eat vegetables or meat that you know were transported from farms across the country in a hot, damp truck container rather than a properly monitored and controlled one? The answer to this is obvious.

Cold chain logistics are becoming more and more important globally as the world is becoming an open market. Lamb from New Zealand, mussels from the Pacific, seafood from The Med. The world is growing and our tastes are becoming more demanding. Fresh produce is shipped from all over the world to be sold in places that enjoy the taste of other lands, and cold chain supply shipment needs to keep up with the demand.

Regulations and standards of supply are becoming more stringent due to the rise of bacterial infections across the globe. Cold Chain logistics management must be able to keep the produce at the specified temperature and monitor the humidity and pressure as well, for the duration of the trip.

Technology investment remains critical when cold chain operators must continually upgrade technology to ensure efficiency, integrity, and safety. This includes both back-end IT infrastructure and front-end devices to gather and report key shipment data in real time

We at Pointer have developed solutions that work to ensure efficient cold chain management so that the foodstuff in transit is maintained at the right temperature and is delivered to the warehouse in the same fresh condition they left the farm in. Pointer boasts an impressive array of food retailers that utilise Pointer Cold Chain solutions around the world to ensure the freshness and quality of the delivered product. We assist our clients in adhering to strict legislated humidity and temperature control requirements in perishables transportation.

Move with us and view the brochure for more information. The Smart Way Forward.

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