Cold Chain monitoring

Cold Chain monitoring

The company:

Transportation of perishable goods in varying weather conditions and environmental conditions can be complex and risk of significant costs losses. Our client a large operator in the FMCG industry approached us looking for a solution to manage cold chain whilst in transit from the main distribution centre to the stores.

The challenges:

The client was not having visibility of the temperature in the refrigerated trailer whilst the vehicle was in transit. Furthermore, the client could not determine if the driver stopped prior to the delivery point and if the cargo doors were opened prior to reaching his destination.

The Solution:

The Pointer solution rolled out was temperature monitoring devices and cargo door sensors linked to the telematics control unit. The temperature threshold was set and any break in the temperature threshold, the client was notified by an alert on the software. The fleet controller would take the necessary actions to manage the break in temperature. Cargo door sensors were fitted to the back doors and if the doors were opened before reaching the destination, the fleet controller would receive an alert and take necessary action and investigate.

The results:

The client was overwhelmed with the results of the solution implemented, as breaks in temperature decreased to the extent that 95% of all deliveries had consistent temperature from start of the trip to end of the trip. In addition to this the client was able to manage load theft and unauthorised stops during the trip. At the beginning stages of the project implementation drivers were skeptical however through the process default drivers where dealt with immediately. Word got out to the drivers and this increased safe and secure transportation of the full load to the clients stores.

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