Courier and Parcel Delivery

Courier and Parcel Delivery:

The company:

Pointer SA was approached by South Africa’s largest courier service provider to develop a solution to manage the risk of load theft. The client’s concern is for the safety of the good they are carrying and to ensure that nothing is damaged or stolen before being delivered to the intended recipient.

The Solution:

For over eight years a solution has been successfully implemented and functioning, equipping the fleet operator to be in control of remotely opening and closing the cargo doors. The driver arrives at the point of delivery; the fleet operator is alerted once the vehicle is within the geo-fence to remotely open the cargo doors. The cargo doors were fitted with sensors that alerted the driver to any tampering should he not be with his vehicle. The alert’s are also recorded and reported to the management team.

An extensive range of proven technologies and services make up Pointer’s security solutions. Customised to address specific needs, components of the solution include pre-mapping for safe routes with alerts where heightened diligence is necessary; alarm systems; sensors; access control that disables vehicle; panic buttons; and analytic tools.

24/7/365, the support of Pointer’s Alarm Management Centre, with expert advisors assisting at every step. Pointer has the highest successful vehicle recovery rates in the industry at over 90%.
Remote control of opening and closing cargo doors via electronic cargo door lock.

The solution resulted in the client having less incidences of theft and provided them with actionable data for a fast recovery.

Enables a rapid, effective response, from authorities and our recovery teams, 24/7
Alerts to unusual activity such as Panic, Battery Disconnect, GSM Jamming Detection , accident notification and route deviation
Simple and quick integration with risk management companies and other software platforms
Data mining and cross-data validation tools enable analysis of events to determine patterns and mitigate future events
Tampering sensors help to manage risk and alert controllers in real time
Manage unauthorised stops whilst en-route to delivery point

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