Driver Feedback Display unit

Drive smart, drive safe and drive for profit.

We are all creatures of habit and your drivers are no different. Thousands of Rands and hours are spent on driver training but old habits die hard and studies have shown that classroom training is not as effective as on the job training. How confident are you that your drivers maintain an acceptable level of driving ability while being responsible for the vehicle and its content that you have entrusted to them?


Pointer has pioneered and developed the Driver Feedback Display unit which is an accessory that connects to our primary tracking unit and will help to coach your drivers while they drive into adopting better driving behaviour. This has massive safety and bottom line profitability enhancements.

The dashboard unit is small and unobtrusive but keeps your drivers on point with visual and audio feedback that is designed to gently guide and support them into a safer and more efficient method of driving, and the language can be preset for your drivers comfort. The unit actually talks to the driver when he is breaking too hard, cornering or accelerating aggressively, allowing the vehicle to idle for too long or speeding as well as many other habits or behaviours that need to be improved.

Case study: We worked with a client to improve the driving behaviour of his worst driver over 4 weeks.

First 2 weeks without the DFD unit: 118 driving exceptions (violations)

Second 2 weeks with the DFD installed: 3 exceptions

That’s a 97.5% improvement!

Could your business benefit from this device? The answer to that is simple.

Crash statistics published by Fleet Watch show that a large percentage of accidents are due to bad driving behaviour or simply not paying enough attention. Drivers must be more aware of their dangerous driving habits and that they have more than their own lives in their hands on the road.

Contact us today to find out more, in the mean time check out the video under the video library for a demonstration on how this device works.

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