Health check your vehicle

Do you know the ‘health’ of your vehicle? Does it need a health check?

Pointer has a CAN-bus digital solution which integrates into the engine control unit and tells you how the vehicle is functioning. This will alert fleet managers to any fuel consumption anomalies, excessive idling, over revving or damaging gear shifting that might be done out of sequence and put unnecessary strain on the engine. Imagine being able to watch your fleet in real time – all the time. With Point SA you can.

Modern vehicles contain many micro-controllers that connect into a Controller Area Network (CAN bus), the biggest being the Engine Control Unit (ECU). CAN bus is a message-based protocol, originally designed for multiplex electrical wiring within automobiles. CAN bus is one of the protocols used in the On-Board Diagnostics vehicle diagnostics standard. Once you turn on the vehicle switch and throughout the vehicle’s trip, the micro-controllers send status messages that we read, filter and analyse.

We can alert you to the engine being overused or fuel siphoning in real-time. This obviously creates a process whereby you as the fleet manager have actionable insights that you can act on immediately. Imagine being able to call the driver while he is driving and tell him that his gear shifting is causing strain on the engine.

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