Fleet Insurance

Mitigating Risk With Improved Driving

Safe driving makes sense for everyone. Beyond the potential life-threatening consequences of poor driving habits, the negative business impact can substantial. So how can insurance companies increase the value of their portfolios and at the same time, help their insured fleets improve their own performance? Pointer has the tools, technology and services to monitor, analyze, manage and improve driver behavior.

It is often 3-5% of drivers in large fleets that cause most of the problems. Pointer identifies problematic and risky driving in real-time, alerting the fleet and the insurer to the need for training. Our safety experts will work with the fleet, together with your company's guidance and trainers, to reach pre-define acceptable driving standards. The fleet will be able to reduce offenses that can lead to accidents including harsh acceleration, hard breaking while turning, over-speeding, lane-zigzagging and more.

Increase The Value Of Your Portfolios

Key Benefits

Pointer provides a comprehensive solution to improve driving behavior and reduce the consequences and liability stemming from accidents. In addition, our solutions improve the overall health, safety and security of the fleet through managed preventative maintenance, enhanced security, regulatory compliance, and much more.

Identify Driving Habits — with key parameters presented on a customized dashboard designed to point out the best and worst performing drivers, allowing you to reward excellence and identify training opportunities

Crash and Rollover Notification – we work together with the fleet in order to identify and define crash and roll-over alerts for each type of vehicle. In the event of a collision, the fleet manager or insurer will dispatch a representative or team to deal with consequences, from assisting the driver and through to securing cargo and towing or repairing the vehicle.

Enhanced Driver and Vehicle Safety —  with a variety of tools that provide feedback in real time to the control room with optional in-cab feedback and for the driver.

Advanced Reporting — that helps you understand and mitigate the risk stemming from a range of potentially dangerous behaviors or vehicle conditions

Effective Security – with one of the best stolen vehicle recovery records in the industry and 365/24/7 alarm response

Reduced Risk — with the ability to map high-risk areas and improve real-time management and safety of vehicles and drivers in these regions

An Immediate ROI

Pointer immediately enables you and your customers to cut costs, mitigate risk and gain better control of vehicles and the people that drive them. Whether it be identifying poor driving habits, training opportunities or proactive maintenance scheduling, you’ll be able to reduce risk and increase the value of your portfolios.

Expert Support Enables You to Extract Maximum Benefit

Pointer takes on a consultative approach with our clients as we recognize that no two fleets are the same. You’ll have dedicated and experienced expert support that will proactively guide you on how to extract the maximum benefits and ROI and best leverage insights provided by Pointer’s analytic software and hardware solutions.

To learn more how Pointer can provide an immediate ROI, increase savings and improve the efficiency and safety of your fleet contact your local Pointer representative.

Benefits to FleetBenefits to Insurer
Identifies risky drivers and alerts them to their problematic driving patternsImproves risk management
Improves fuel efficiencyReduces losing portfolios
Improves vehicle maintenance, due to fewer incidents and less aggressive drivingLowers claims losses
Rewards safe drivingReduces claims handling costs and time management
Crash & Rollover notification, resulting in assistance and event containmentEnhances insight and understanding of customers
Lower premiumsIncreases customer satisfaction and retention loyalty
Reduces collision and improves customer satisfaction due to timely deliveryElevates reputation and brand