Transport & Logistics

Maximise The Power And Efficiency Of Your Fleet

There is so much that goes into reaching destinations safely and profitably. Every drop of fuel counts, each client’s unique needs must be met, regulations must be complied with, delivery has to be timely, as does vehicle maintenance— across your entire fleet. In order to monitor this, you need the technology, tools and support that enables your fleet to be flexible and dynamic to accommodate your customers’ requirements — profitably.

Pointer’s holistic approach to MRM services addresses every aspect of managing your fleet, ensuring that safety is a priority, efficiency is embedded and vehicle and driver security is enhanced. Pointer leverages its decades of experience gained from millions of clients. We’ve designed a solution that is tailor-made to exponentially increase the benefits derived through continuous improvement and maximum technology utilisation.

Boost your fleet’s performance with Pointer’s customisable MRM solution.

Key Benefits

Pointer provides the full spectrum of functionality to manage your fleet and more. With our range of solutions, you’ll be able to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and manage security risk. We’ll help you increase safety with "hour of service" programs, driver training tools and performance scorecards along with the ability to measure their results.

End-to-End Monitoring Capabilities — including vehicles’ location, destination arrival times, correct delivery, adherence to specific transport condition requirements, proper handling of goods and more

Ensured Compliance -- with hours of service requirements via a range of security and communication technologies

Improved Drive Safety – driver feedback tools ensure compliance with the most rigorous global driver regulations, enhancing driver and vehicle safety

Real-Time Reporting – with dashboard reports that score driver behaviour and regional statistics

Increased Reliability – automated scheduling of preventive maintenance ensures availability of vehicles

Effective Security – with one of the best stolen vehicle recovery records in the industry, we are accredited with VESA and PSIRA

Real-Time Alerts – that are pre-defined based on your business risk needs

An Immediate ROI

Right from the start, Pointer enables you to cut costs and gain full control of your fleet utilisation and ROI. Pointer has solutions that decrease fuel consumption by reducing idling and revving and improving load management, as well as proactive maintenance scheduling that ensures greater fleet utilisation and less down time. This enables our customers to substantially save costs across their fleet and increase those savings over time.

Expert Support Enables You to Extract Maximum Benefit

Pointer takes a consultative approach with our clients as we recognise that no two fleets are the same. Throughout the lifecycle of your fleet, you’ll have dedicated and experienced expert support that will proactively guide you on how to extract the maximum benefits and ROI from your MRM platform and best leverage insights provided by Pointer’s analytic software and hardware solutions.

To learn more how Pointer can provide an immediate ROI, increase savings and improve the efficiency and safety of your fleet contact your local Pointer representative.