Trailer tracking should be a necessity

Mobile Assets are under threat!

Hijacking statistics are up by 30% in 2015 for cargo trailers, with about 7% of that for cargo valued at less than R300 000.

With understanding of what Pointers’ Trailer tracking unit does, comes an understanding of how much the fleet operators need one for each and every one of their trailers and cargo containers.

So how does a TTU help your business?

  1. Reduce the risk of theft.
  2. Reduce the Goods in Transit Insurance premiums.
  3. Increase security on precious or hazardous material.
  4. 24/7 recovery service
  5. GPS positioning on the actual trailers.
  6. Alerts if power is disconnected from the suzi.

It is shocking that so few trailers are actually tracked considering that South Africa has a high hijacking rate and that the thieves come prepared. They know that the horse has a tracking unit and simply unhitch the trailer and take it away to be unloaded, while a driver takes the horse on a joy ride thereby evading the recovery team. The cargo is the primary focus for the thieves as much as it is for the fleet manager who’s job it is to deliver that cargo. Why would you not have a tracking unit on the actual trailer?

Goods in Transit insurance is a must for transporters and the premiums are considered to be very high. It is a fact that having a tracking unit on the trailer or with the goods will reduce the premium on the insurance. Another reason for having a tracking unit.

Who benefits from a TTU?

Trailer tracking units are most beneficial to fleet managers who do not own the mobile asset, such as construction companies who rent plant equipment. These assets are left on the site over night or parked at someones home. Wouldn’t having a solution that monitors the location and movement of the trailers or plant equipment be beneficial to fleet operators and construction managers alike?

Pointer has developed a trailer tracking unit that comes in 2 forms. 1 is wireless and has a magnet application whereby the fleet manager can easily attach the device himself to a plant machine or trailer. The device gives a GPS location and is easily interchangeable between different trailers and machines.

The highly durable and weatherproof casing ensures that the devices can be placed anywhere on the machine and requires very minimal maintenance. The battery is rechargeable and has a lifespan of up to 3 years. The installation only takes seconds to mount and is as easy as a fridge magnet, but definitely not as easy to remove. This device has become integral to managers of construction and mining sites as well as cargo haulers.

The 2nd unit is a powered unit that connects via the suzi cable of the horse. It provides you with GPS positioning and alerts if the suzi has lost power.

Both units come with alerts and reports sent to the fleet management platform, as well as 24/7 recovery service with Pointers’ recovery team who have a 95% recovery rate.

A solution worth while. Download the brochure for more details or contact us directly.

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