Public and Passenger Transport

Public and Passenger Transport:

The Company:

The client is a national tour bus operator with thousands of clients a year. Ensuring safety and efficiency is a large part of why they are considered formidable in their field.

The challenges:

The client experienced major challenges with excessive idling. Communities would call in from time to time to alert the Tour Bus operator when drivers were speeding.

The client found that their cost of fuel was high, and fuel consumption is a base operating cost for any transportation business and the client wished to reduce costs where they could.

The Solution:

Passenger safety is critical for the Tour Bus operator. Speed limits can be specified per the regulations or policies of the Tour Bus Operator by utilising speed geo-fences. The fleet controller is immediately alerted if a vehicle is speeding and contacts the driver to alert him to slow down. Alternative solutions implemented are the In-cab Speed LED light. When speed threshold is exceeded the LED lights up and driver is given a grace period to reduce speed before the next alert is sent to the fleet controller via the software platform.

Fuel consumption is a major contributor to expenses incurred. It is important to maintain maximum profitability the Tour Bus Operator has the tools to manage costs such as excessive fuel usage.

The Pointer solution integrates with the bus routes and scheduling systems, to keep passengers informed of times of bus ETA and departure. This works to correct scheduling of routes and ensuring check points are met all the time. Arriving on time is key service delivery to passengers relying on public transportation. Alerts are triggered for missed check points which are then recalculated.


Implementing the Pointer Passenger Transport solution has given the Tour Bus Operator visibility of speed limits that drivers are using and manage excessive idling to reduce fuel costs.

Manage scheduling of routes
Ensure that bus arrives timeously
Take necessary action when there are delays in arrival
Manage check points
Check points recalculation
Schedulers have control to find the closest vehicle in event of vehicle breakdown or accident.
Detects, analyses and reports aggressive or dangerous driver behaviour
Identifies over-speeding, hard braking, hard braking while turning corners, accelerating, accelerating while turning, lane-deviation and engine idling over pre-defined thresholds
Advanced reporting provides safety officers and trainers valuable insight
Integrates with your ERP module, allowing you to calculate the cost of service per mile run and more
Managing excessive idling reduces fuel costs by over 20%.

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