Road worthy or road kill?

Road worthy or road kill? That is the question.

Countries like Australia and the UK have an annual road worthy test on all vehicles active on the roads. South Africa only asks that a test is done during the sale of a vehicle. The difference? We see cars and taxis with no headlights or sliding doors that are falling off. How many blown truck tyres have you seen on the highway to Durban from Jhb lately?

The SA government is currently considering enforcing a law similar to Australia and the UK, which would get more vehicles in better operating condition, but how enforceable is this and what kind of impact is it going to have on the population’s pocket?

Did you know that 60% of South African drivers license’s are fake, and 80% of cars on the roads in Western Cape and KZN are not roadworthy?

Thankfully for the commercial industry there are in fact requirements for a road worthy test to be done annually on heavy vehicles over 3500kg’s. This means that the vehicles that are on the roads the most and cover the most distance, are in good operating condition. These heavy vehicles cause some of the most devastating accidents so at least road worthiness can be removed as a primary concern for the cause.

Holiday seasons mean busier schedules for commercial fleet owners; more deliveries, time constraints and higher stress levels. We all want to ensure there are fewer accidents and high productivity at this time of year. So why not do a self-check on your vehicles to ensure they are in good condition?

Pointers’ web based fleet management system enables you to setup alerts and reminders for your annual road worthy tests, service & maintenance due, as well as the expiry of a drivers’ license.

Check out this list of check points to road worthy vehicles over 3500kg’s.

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