Asset Management: Time of Use & Fuel

Maintaining Equipment Health And Reliability

Industries such as construction, mining and agriculture often rent equipment such as generators, cranes, tractors and elevators. Rental companies need tools to remotely monitor the health of the equipment including the time of use. This enables them to monitor how equipment is used and adherence to contractual obligations. The other side of that coin is that it protects the renter, from liability stemming from contractual abuse, infringement and careless use of equipment.

How It Works

Pointer Asset Management provides a complete maintenance platform. A robust and rugged set of sensors and tools monitor the hours used; RPMs; temperature – including alerts for overheating; oil pressure and more. When integrated with third-party billing platforms, you’ll also be able to manage all aspects of remote, rented equipment.

Effective Management Of Rented Equipment

Asset Management Benefits And Features

  • Automated, real-time monitoring of operating hours

  • Remote, dynamic configuration of parameters

  • Delivery of performance reports according to contractual obligations

  • Alerts in the event of malfunctioning, such as overheating

  • Alerts if fuel levels reach low thresholds