Cargo & Asset Security

Versatile monitoring of your business assets

For over 10 years now,  Pointer has been a leading provider of Mobile Resource Management (MRM) solutions and have been extensively involved  in designing comprehensive Monitoring, Command & Control solutions for assets that are on the move. This translates to monitoring cargo, intermodal containers, trailer flatbeds, bins & packages, generators, cranes and field equipment. We monitor location but also temperature, humidity, position (orientation), working-hours and we assess whether the equipment or packages have been tampered with, dropped, or handled harshly and provide you with a comprehensive report.

How It Works

Pointers solution range contains devices and monitoring software that use both wired and wireless sensors (BLE) which constantly monitoring statuses. These devices contain long-life batteries that are configured to transmit data whenever necessary and the energy is conserved in such a way that the battery life of these devices are prolonged.

Pointer will monitor and provide you with a comprehensive report on a variety of packages such as valuable contents; pharmaceuticals that need to be shipped within a certain temperature range (e.g. Frozen or 2-8C); and perishable goods such as fruits, vegetables or dairy produce that need both humidity and temperature monitoring for the trip duration.

Pointer also monitors generators & cranes that move from one building site to another under leasing agreements. These reports provide the fleet manager with intelligent data in order to bill by the hour and verify that operating thresholds are maintained (temperature, oil level).

Versatility: Monitor & Update when required

Asset monitoring Specifics

  • Package Condition: Open / Closed (tampered?), Temperature, Humidity

  • Package Location and movement trajectory

  • Has the package been dropped?

  • Hours the equipment has been operating

  • Temperature of equipment

  • Complex reporting and real-time alerts

  • Has the equipment been moved from within a geo-fence?