Cello Track Nano

Asset & Cargo Management IoT Solution

The CelloTrack Nano solution provides precisely the information you need to manage your cargo and mobile assets more effectively. The versatility of the multi-sense device allows you to monitor in real-time the location, condition, temperature, humidity and light of cargo that is considered more precious or perishable. The device enables on-the-go responses when deviations from the pre-defined temperature boundaries occur, and guarantees compliance with the strictest cold chain regulations (EN 12830).

The Cello Track Nano device is also small enough to be portable and enables the monitoring of workers locations, health statues and general activity such as check-in at pre-defined check points. Real-time alerts provide the security manager with the ability to see if a lone worker is knocked down and provide assistance.

How it works

Cello Track Nano with multi-sense monitors in real-time the light, humidity, temperature, barometric pressure, audio, movement, geo-fencing, impact/free fall, open/close door, and tampering.

Use cases include

Long worker or security industry

Cold Chain

Logistics and Security

Rental equipment