Cold Chain Logistics

Ensuring compliant, safe transports

Cold Chain Solution

Along with all the other complexities associated with transporting goods, cold chain logistics require strict adherence to maintaining temperature thresholds for each delivery. Monitoring humidity is required in perishables transportation, complying with manufacturers’ thresholds. Not doing so, or not having the ability to prove that you’ve done so, can disqualify valuable shipments and leave you with unhappy customers, damaged goods and in breach of service level agreements.
With tools that ensure compliance with GDP (Good Distribution Practices) that regulates the pharma industry, and EN 12830 (European standards) for transportation of deep frozen and quick-frozen food and ice cream, Pointer’s solutions for cold chain logistics effectively monitors cargo condition. You’ll be able to monitor single or multi-compartment refrigerated trailers up to single pallets, with options for audible in-cab alarms, as well as to the control room, reporting deviations in pre-defined humidity or temperature thresholds.

Trucks on the road


Manage by exception with alarms raised only if the pre-defined temperature or humidity thresholds are breached in any particular compartment.


The real-time tracking and condition monitoring, combined with the alarms and alert mechanisms, allow you to mitigate the potential of damaged or disqualified cargo, giving you the ability to address issues as they arise and improve the logistics chain efficiency, security and confidence in the product quality supplied to every customer.


Advanced reporting that helps you prove compliance and facilitates smooth ‘handshakes’ between the various stakeholders along the logistical route.

Full spectrum of functionality

Pointer provides the full spectrum of functionality to manage your cold chain logistics, ensuring adherence to the strictest protocols and regulations of the pharmaceutical and food industries to enhance the control and monitoring of goods in the warehouse and on the road, in turn ensuring a smarter and safer supply chain. With our range of solutions, you’ll be able to address issues in real-time, mitigating the risk and loss from disqualified transports. Moreover, advanced reporting capabilities prove to customers, partners, and regulators that all conditions have been maintained and met during every step of the distribution path.


Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking and monitoring of location, temperature, humidity, and door status (open/closed) for controlled containers, trailers, pallets, or boxes assist in maintaining the required environmental conditions during shipments of perishable goods or pharmaceuticals. Each link in the logistics chain can take on-the-fly appropriate action when deviations from the pre-defined thresholds occur, to guarantee compliance with cold chain shipment requirements to prevent the goods from being compromised or spoiled. Thus improve your business performance and better respond to client’s needs.


Fleet utilization (efficiency)

Understand which vehicles are overused and which are not, and take proactive actions to increase the efficiency level of your fleet.
We’ll monitor your fleet and provide insights regarding its efficiency including fuel utilization, idling, how many hours the vehicles were in use, dormant vehicles etc.

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Fuel management

Easily discover hidden costs and losses such as fuel syphoning, vehicle usage in off-business hours/days and driver behavior that negatively impacts your fleet’s fuel economy.
You’ll receive alerts indicating theft (syphoning) or re-fueling and would be able to analyze fuel consumption based on trips, fuel dashboard and reports. Minimize fraud by utilizing the integration with third-party fuel card partners, to receive information about who refueled and when in real-time.
Fuel consumption Insights according to a manufacture, model and year can assist you in determining whether a specific vehicle should be kept in your fleet.

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An Immediate ROI

Right from the start, Pointer enables you to cut costs and gain control of your fleet utilization. From decreasing fuel consumption by reducing idling and revving, and improving load management; through proactive maintenance scheduling that ensures greater fleet utilization and less down time; to monitoring the good’s condition in the warehouse and on the road and preventing them from being compromised or spoiled. All enable you to substantially save across your fleet and increase those savings over time. In addition, when information throughout the logistics chain is transparent, the confidence in the logistics chain’s integrity increases, it leads to an upturn in customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and brand reputation.

Fleet performance

Utilize a sophisticated event engine to monitor when important events occur (geofence entry, over-speeding, idling, unauthorized driving, etc.), to increase the performance and efficiency of your fleet. The monitored KPIs are defined by the fleet manager, according to each event’s severity.

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Enhanced Driver and Vehicle Safety

with a variety of tools including monitoring driver behavior and providing feedback in real time to the control room with optional in-cab feedback and for the driver.

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Reports and scheduling

Leverage Pointer Connect’s suite of reports to track efficiency, productivity, and anomalies across your fleet (vehicle and driver) Create automatic scheduling to deliver any report to the relevant person or department.

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Tasks & Routes

Monitor jobs-to-be-done from anywhere, and quickly respond to customer requests with perfect visibility of field employees and task status. You can compare different employees or specific locations etc.

The Pointer Advantage

Capturing it is one thing, creating actionable insights with it is where the real transformative value is. It’s our commitment and market-focused approach that allows us to help our customers reduce costs, protect assets, gain efficiencies, improve resource utilization, and minimize fraud.

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Related Business Needs

Productivity & Efficiency

Pointer will provide you with Increased visibility into your operations. You’ll have not just raw data, but also actionable insights so that you can continually increase your operational efficiency, which in turn goes straight to your bottom-line performance.

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Asset management

Pointer provides a complete asset maintenance platform, by providing a set of tools to successfully track and remotely manage the location, usage profile, security aspects and health of transportation equipment or valuable mobile and fixed assets.

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With Pointer, every driver and vehicle are uniquely identified within the system, with profiles constantly updated with real-time information. Pointer can also be integrated with third-party systems and solutions, to enhance profiles and calculate hours of service.

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Fuel Management

Fuel is your fleet’s largest single source of operating cost. And as such, fuel consumption and fuel fraud deserve special attention. Pointer provides management solutions to help you track driving behaviors that are negatively impacting your fleet’s fuel economy and provides actionable insights on how to reduce consumption.

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Safety & Eco Driving

Accidents can damage lives and property, delay cargo deliveries and increase insurance fees, making driver safety one of the biggest concerns for every fleet manager. Pointer’s safety solution can improve driver safety with the use of technological tools, enabling you to monitor, alert, and improve bad habits, before they cause devastating results.

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Pointer’s solution, using a wide variety of security applications suitable for direct interaction with the driver and/or alerting the fleet manager/control center, using track and trace fleet management solutions, distinctly addresses challenges related to robbery, theft, and stolen vehicle recovery.

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More Industry Solutions

Transport & Logistics

Pointer’s solution provides end-to-end monitoring capabilities including vehicles’ location, destination arrival times, adherence to transport condition requirements and proper handling of goods.

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Field Services & Maintenance

Pointer’s solution will help you optimize every aspect associated with vehicle utlization and productivity, while handleing all basic workforce demands.

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Construction, Mining & Agriculture

With Pointer, you’ll be able to improve and maximize equipment utilization by effectively monitoring and managing it in your construction and mining sites. Mitigate risks such as load theft, driver safety and turn around times.

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Pointer provides a comprehensive solution to improve driving behavior and reduce the consequences and liability stemming from accidents.

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Courier & Parcel

Pointer’s solutions provide the tools, services, and information you need to effectively manage your light commercial vehicles, their drivers and help you manage the risks and liabilities of load theft.

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Passenger & Public Transportation

Pointer provides the full spectrum of functionality to manage your cold chain logistics, ensuring adherence to the strictest protocols and regulations.

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Outsourcing & Rental

Pointer provides the full spectrum of functionality to manage your fleets while they are with you or a customer. With our range of solutions, you’ll be able to reduce costs, improve efficiencies, manage security risk and increase driver safety.

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Electric Vehicles

Pointer provides remote insights into EVs, including mobile and web applications that provide full assistance for fleet managers, EV drivers or vehicle companies.

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Oil, Gas & Hazmat

Pointer has developed a targeted solution for transport of hazardous materials. We’ll help you transport your HAZMAT cargo safely and efficiently, eliminate loss of valuable cargo and prevent severe damage to the immediate environment.

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Pointer Connect

Pointer Connect™ is the complete solution for fleet and asset owners, addressing all your operational or business needs. The business and operational insights provided by our advanced analytics SaaS solutions will allow you to streamline and harmonize every aspect of your business-critical operations and put you in complete control of your mobile resources.

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