Dashboard & Analytics

A Complete View

Having access to necessary, business critical information means everyone can do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. You need to be able to have immediate access to information that’s relevant so that you or your managers can make informed decisions and initiate the most effective response.  Pointer’s configurable dashboards provide you with an at-a-glance “health and situation” overview.

How It Works

At the press of a button, you’ll be able to view all of the indicators you’ve defined as critical to make effective decisions and take the right action. Additionally, you and your managers will be able to receive critical alerts to events that can compromise your fleets’ performance.

The Information You Need, When You Need It

Dashboard Benefits And Features

  • Alerts you to issues so that you can address them sooner and mitigate risk

  • Displays driver ranking indicators, so that problems are concisely presented

  • Customizable, our analysts will configure the dashboard to reflect what’s important to your fleet, including indicators that inform you about:

    • Speeding, hard braking and accelerating as defined in the safety component

    • Vehicle idling and late departures

    • Premature conclusion of activities during commercial hours

    • Unauthorized use of vehicles

    • Unreasonable mileage per task according to pre-defined thresholds

    • Control and execution indicators that are important of the fleet manager

    • Graphical trends

    • Comparative analysis of operations

    • Alerts for fuel consumption violations and damage indicators

    • Comparative analysis of productivity