Driver Access & Compliance

Compliance: Aligning Drivers, Regulatory Requirements And Tasks

Having the right driver avaialable for the right vehicle and task is critical for both security and compliance with hours of service policies. These procedures will ensure company policy and regulations are kept and will minimise violations, improve driver safety and efficiency, reduce administrative costs and cut paperwork.

How It Works

Every driver and vehicle is uniquely identified within the system, with profiles constantly updated with real-time information. In addition, the Pointer Access module can be integrated with third-party systems and solutions to enhance profiles but also ensure the accurate calculation of hours of service, wages, premiums, driving or parking fines and more.

Based on the profile information, Pointer Access can block or permit the use of fleet vehicles by registered and identified drivers. It also notifies both driver and fleet manager if the pre-defined thresholds are exceeded. Pointer Access also efficiently manages tasks, driving time, rest stops, lunch stops, waiting stops and end of work. In fleets where several drivers share a vehicle, you’ll be able to remotely control vehicle access, so that only authorised drivers can drive designated vehicles.

Maintain Compliance. Increase Security.

Access Control & Hours Of Service Solution Benefits And Features

  • Registration and permissions for up to 29 drivers and one administrator per vehicle

  • Ability to form driver groups associated with one vehicle or group of vehicles

  • Integrates with Pointer’s Web Fleet management software and other third-party systems

  • Visual indication of active vehicles (moving) and idle (parked) ones

  • Quick exclusion of drivers from the permit lists, when necessary

  • Advanced reporting and analysis providing insights that increase fleet productivity

  • Identifies unauthorised vehicle use (outside hours of service)

  • Controls and manages of hours of work, alerting you to excessive driving

  • Alerts to excessive rest stops and provides detailed trip reports (valid for proof of working hours)

  • Reduces the risks of fine and vehicle-retention (by police) for violations, and those from labor disputes

  • Quick and easy integration with third-party software, sending information in real time and allowing you to select the Hours of Service software that best meets your needs