Fuel Savings & Fraud Prevention

Giving You Bottom Line Results

Fuel is your fleets largest single operating cost. A natural consequence of this is that fuel consumption, fuel theft and fuel fraud, deserves special attention. Fleet businesses need to optimise consumption, reduce theft and fraud when and wherever possible given the immense impact this makes on a fleet operators bottom line performance.

Pointer has developed management solutions that help you track driving behaviours that are negatively impacting your fleet fuel economy. The Fuel Savings and Eco Driving Software module has been specifically designed to optimise the usage of fuel across your fleet.  It takes a deep dive into identifying the causes for fuel waste and provides actionable insights on how your fleet can reduce consumption.

How It Works

Pointer collects real-time data, which is analysed in conjunction with vehicle telemetry. This reveals over speeding events, unnecessary engine idling, harsh accelerations, hard braking while turning and other considerations. All these factors contribute to unnecessary fuel consumption and cost. The system also monitors unauthorised driving, fuel theft and vehicle utilisation outside work hours.

In addition, the solution can be integrated with third-party fuel card partners, to provide information in real time. This real-time information exchange can automatically calculate the mileage between two refuelling stops and defines the maximum quantity of fuel to be supplied. It also enables you to cancel refuelling if the vehicle is not at the fuel station.

Decrease Your Fleet’s Fuel Consumption

Fuel Saving & Fraud Prevention Benefits

  • Supporting / Endorsing economic driving

  • Real-time Identification of fuel fraud by matching consumption trends, gas stations locations with gas-filling and sudden drops in fuel tanks

  • Provides accurate vehicle performance data via installed vehicle telemetry

  • Identifies cost and fuel waste caused by idle driving, excessive speed and use of the vehicle outside of the hours of service

  • Calculates and compares fleet performance indicators – mileage per liter/mile, detect evolution of fuel price per mile run and more

  • Integrates with your ERP module – allowing you to calculate the cost of service per mile run and more

  • Reveals your fleet’s CO2 volume

  • Detects fuel theft between refueling using CAN data or a fuel-probe