Mitigating risk with improved driving, and increasing the value of your portfolios

Insurance Solution

It is often 3-5% of drivers in large fleets that cause most of the problems. Pointer identifies problematic and risky driving in real-time, alerting the fleet and the insurer to the need for training. Pointer provides a comprehensive solution to improve driving behavior and reduce the consequences and liability stemming from accidents. In addition, our solutions improve the overall health, safety, and security of the fleet through managed preventative maintenance, enhanced security, regulatory compliance, and much more.

Steering Wheel


Variety of tools that provide feedback in real-time to the control room with optional in-cab feedback and for the driver.


Advanced reporting that correlates your data and enables expert analysis.

Immediate ROI

Right from the start, Pointer enables you and your customers to cut costs, mitigate risk and gain better control of vehicles and the people that drive them.


With real-time alerts, wide range of monitored maneuvers, and a dedicated driver app, you will always have the complete understanding of your fleet’s safety performance.
The fleet will be able to reduce offenses that can lead to accidents including harsh acceleration, hard breaking while turning, over-speeding, lane-zigzagging and more. And your organization will be able to turn a losing portfolio into a profitable one.
Pointer’s safety component builds profiles of each driver within the fleet and continuously monitors all the drivers, providing insights. It also ranks your fleet’s drivers, identifying on the one hand: excellence, and on the other: drivers that may need additional training.

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Real-time cabin events

Alert drivers on the road with a range of in-cab audio alerts and their severity, including harsh acceleration and brake, turn & accelerate, and more to help drivers improve safe habits.

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Video in Pointer Connect

Video in Pointer Connect is in-vehicle video system that leverages the latest artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze and proactively manage dangerous driving situations across your fleet. Delivering real-time high-definition video from road and driver-facing cameras, Video in Pointer Connect bolsters safety programs, helps exonerate blameless drivers, prevents accidents, increases security, and lowers insurance costs.

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Diagnostics & Maintenance

Reduce downtime and roadside breakdowns with live engine diagnostics and alerts regarding planned maintenance for your resources, including reminders for your drivers (based on the date or odometer – predefined milage).
Get instant notifications about potential health issues, and easily prioritize repairs for your fleet based on their priorities. Thus, prevent road-side breakdown and unexpected downtime.

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Drivers’ engagement

Pointer’s Driver Feedback Device is fitted in front of the driver, alerting them to that they’ve exceeded certain thresholds. Pointer’s analysts and safety officers configure the thresholds – such as speed limits – according to your company’s policies. In addition, drivers can view their score statistics and trip’s maneuvers to understand how they can improve their safety & eco scores.

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High resolution real-time monitoring

Pointer detects, analyzes, and reports aggressive or dangerous driver behavior. Identifies over-speeding, harsh acceleration, harsh braking, lane-deviation and engine idling over pre-defined thresholds. Pointer Connect updates with high frequency to ensure that the latest vehicle updates/status are provided to the fleet manager and that information is displayed with minimum latency.

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Monitoring risky maneuvers

Through comprehensive monitoring tools , sensors and cameras, you’ll know things such as when a driver is speeding, hard breaking, zigzagging through lanes and more. You’ll be alerted if they’ve exceeded their hours of driving allotment, which could result in exhaustion and thus poor judgment. You and your drivers can get real-time alerts for dangerous driving patterns, enabling drivers to correct their behavior and raising your awareness of potential risk.

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Advanced reporting provides safety officers and trainers valuable insight. Comprehensive reporting captures and stores collision for accident reconstruction – helping to establish cause and potentially mitigate liability.

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2-way communication

Automatic emergency alerting is initiated when an accident is detected with bi-directional communication enabled between the driver and the control center, enabling a more effective response.

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Effective security with one of the best stolen vehicle recovery records in the industry and 365/24/7 alarm response

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Reduced risk

With the ability to map high-risk areas and improve real-time management and safety of vehicles and drivers in these regions

Expert support

Dedicated and experienced expert support that will proactively guide you on how to extract the maximum benefits and ROI and best leverage insights provided by Pointer’s analytic software and hardware solutions.

The Pointer Advantage

Capturing it is one thing, creating actionable insights with it is where the real transformative value is. It’s our commitment and market-focused approach that allows us to help our customers reduce costs, protect assets, gain efficiencies, improve resource utilization, and minimize fraud.

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Related Business Needs

Productivity & Efficiency

Pointer will provide you with Increased visibility into your operations. You’ll have not just raw data, but also actionable insights so that you can continually increase your operational efficiency, which in turn goes straight to your bottom-line performance.

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Asset management

Pointer provides a complete asset maintenance platform, by providing a set of tools to successfully track and remotely manage the location, usage profile, security aspects and health of transportation equipment or valuable mobile and fixed assets.

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With Pointer, every driver and vehicle are uniquely identified within the system, with profiles constantly updated with real-time information. Pointer can also be integrated with third-party systems and solutions, to enhance profiles and calculate hours of service.

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Fuel Management

Fuel is your fleet’s largest single source of operating cost. And as such, fuel consumption and fuel fraud deserve special attention. Pointer provides management solutions to help you track driving behaviors that are negatively impacting your fleet’s fuel economy and provides actionable insights on how to reduce consumption.

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Safety & Eco Driving

Accidents can damage lives and property, delay cargo deliveries and increase insurance fees, making driver safety one of the biggest concerns for every fleet manager. Pointer’s safety solution can improve driver safety with the use of technological tools, enabling you to monitor, alert, and improve bad habits, before they cause devastating results.

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Pointer’s solution, using a wide variety of security applications suitable for direct interaction with the driver and/or alerting the fleet manager/control center, using track and trace fleet management solutions, distinctly addresses challenges related to robbery, theft, and stolen vehicle recovery.

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Related industry solutions

Transport & Logistics

Pointer’s solution provides end-to-end monitoring capabilities including vehicles’ location, destination arrival times, adherence to transport condition requirements and proper handling of goods.

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Field Services & Maintenance

Pointer’s solution will help you optimize every aspect associated with vehicle utlization and productivity, while handleing all basic workforce demands.

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Construction, Mining & Agriculture

With Pointer, you’ll be able to improve and maximize equipment utilization by effectively monitoring and managing it in your construction and mining sites. Mitigate risks such as load theft, driver safety and turn around times.

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Cold Chain Logistics

Pointer provides the full spectrum of functionality to manage your cold chain logistics, ensuring adherence to the strictest protocols and regulations.

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Courier & Parcel

Pointer’s solutions provide the tools, services, and information you need to effectively manage your light commercial vehicles, their drivers and help you manage the risks and liabilities of load theft.

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Passenger & Public Transportation

Pointer provides the full spectrum of functionality to manage your cold chain logistics, ensuring adherence to the strictest protocols and regulations.

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Fleet Outsourcing & Car Rental

Pointer provides the full spectrum of functionality to manage your fleets while they are with you or a customer. With our range of solutions, you’ll be able to reduce costs, improve efficiencies, manage security risk and increase driver safety.

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Electric Vehicles

Pointer provides remote insights into EVs, including mobile and web applications that provide full assistance for fleet managers, EV drivers or vehicle companies.

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Oil, Gas & Hazmat

Pointer has developed a targeted solution for transport of hazardous materials. We’ll help you transport your HAZMAT cargo safely and efficiently, eliminate loss of valuable cargo and prevent severe damage to the immediate environment.

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Pointer Connect

Pointer Connect™ is the complete solution for fleet and asset owners, addressing all your operational or business needs. The business and operational insights provided by our advanced analytics SaaS solutions will allow you to streamline and harmonize every aspect of your business-critical operations and put you in complete control of your mobile resources.

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