Mobile Apps

Keeping Everyone Informed

Depending on your user profiles, fleet size, or specific needs, Pointer’s Mobile Apps provide the information your team needs. Compatible with both iOS and Android platforms, Pointer has several mobile applications that support fleet and asset management. These applications give our customers a seamless overview of the critical data elements regarding their fleet and driver behaviour.

In addition, operational managers are given access to the information they need. This allows your field personnel to be more effective in managing and carrying out their roles and responsibilities. It’s also an ideal solution for vehicles without in-cab monitors as drivers can now receive alerts and updates via the application.

How It Works

Compatible with smartphone’s and connected tablets, the app provides a 24/7 dashboard with the information that is relevant and important for field staff to have. Functioning as a "report by exception" tool, the application alerts user to critical issues and provides basic vehicle information such as position and required tasks.

Extend Your Reach To The Field

Smartphone And Tablet App Benefits And Features

  • Real-time visualization of relevant information at any point in time and from wherever

  • Automatic, 24/7 alerting system

  • Enables fast, effective decision-making based on facts and not supposition

  • Provides position and movement management with a route to last know location feature

  • Map overview of all vehicles locations

  • Road Sector Speed violation alerts

  • Impact detection alerts

  • Efficient communications via error-free information exchange from the central system, preventing mistakes from miscommunication