Pointer Fleet Software Platform

Your Platform for Success

Pointer Fleet™ is the complete solution for fleet and asset owners, addressing all the operational and business needs of your company. From basic Track & Trace to improving driver behaviour and managing field services, Pointer Fleet™ has it covered.

How it works

We understand that no two fleets are alike and every customer is unique. As partners, we assign a dedicated analyst whose task it is to bring value to your business. Optimising business operations is the most efficient way to boost your bottom line. We will provide you with a range of tools, technologies and services that optimise your fleets performance. The business and operational insights provided by our advanced analytics SaaS solutions will allow you to streamline and harmonise every aspect of your business-critical operations and put you in complete control of your Mobile Resources.


Track. Manage. Save is much more than just a catchphrase - it sums up the benefits of using Pointer Fleet™.

Every driver and vehicle has a uniquely identifiable profile, for constant insight into the hours of service.

Monitor the location and use of the cargo and inter-model containers, trailers, and field equipment.

Mitigate the risk of accidents and theft through Pointer Security tools.

Manage the performance of your fleet as if you were in the field, by monitoring tasks, educating drivers to improve safe driving and analysing your KPIs.

Pointer’s configurable dashboards provide you with an at-a-glance “health and situation” overview.

Effective management of your yard protects you against loss and ensures a smooth billing process.

Management solutions that help you track driving behaviours that are negatively impacting your fleet fuel economy.

Construction equipment rental companies need tools to remotely monitor the health of the equipment including the hours of use. This enables them to monitor how equipment is used in adherence to contractual obligations.

Pointer has several mobile applications that support fleet and asset management.

PointerView's camera solution for the fleet operator monitors and records reliable video based evidence of in-cab driver activity, road ahead events, accident data analysis and cargo related security breaches.