Full visibility over your fleet and incidents is critical.

There is so much that can happen to your vehicles, drivers or cargo when they are out for delivery. PointerView gives the fleet operator the ability to monitor and record reliable video-based evidence of in-cab driver activity, road ahead events, accident data analysis and cargo related security breeches. A camera solution with cutting edge technology that can integrate with the alerts of your telematics unit, will give you in-depth investigation into accidents, driver fatigue, fuel and load theft, vehicle damages, unauthorised stops and off-loading or unauthorised activities by drivers.

PointerView accessory can be added to your Pointer high-end fleet telematics solution to monitor each incident and give you the actionable insights to protect your company image, reduce costs and time, as well as theft and wastage.

How can PointerView give you comprehensive insights?

The PointerView solution will activate and record clips of pre-configured events such as vehicle impacts, harsh braking, unauthorised stops and severe speeding, and download the clips to the web server allowing the fleet operator to quickly identify, download and review the incidents. The administrator can connect to the vehicle at any time to monitor any suspicious activity in real-time.


PointerView Benefits and Features

Driving insights allowing for coaching and development.
Accident reconstruction and analysis as evidence in insurance claims.
Evidence in cases of cargo or fuel theft.
(Additional accessories may apply)
Reduce unauthorised vehicle use and driver activity. Triggered events can be auto-uploaded to the server, or viewed in real-time for fast response.
Multi user rights.
Events are configurable to your needs (accidents, speeding, tampering and more).
Real-time visuals and alerts are accessible via the mobile app.
Video recordings are stored and transmitted to the desktop software.

PointerView promotes safety, security and peace of mind for your fleet, drivers and cargo.

Can you visualise how this can help your business?