Route & Task Management

Efficient Planning is critical

In the logistics industry, first time, on time deliveries are an absolute necessity if you intend for your business to keep its customers.In some cases, "just in time" deliveries are part of your customer business models where minimal stock inventory is kept and a frictionless supply chain is required. These customers leverage a strategy that includes minimal inventory, requiring suppliers to deliver material and goods with very tight timeframes. Missing these deadlines and SLA's often means penalties for the transporter and inevitably leads to losing the customer account. To avoid those consequences and meet all your customers’ expectations, you need highly efficient planning of all your routes and tasks.

How It Works

Periodical missions for each vehicle are downloaded into the system, including routes, delivery schedules required by the customer, point of interest locations, refreshment stops and refuelling stations. Downloading this information can be executed by a file transfer from the company's scheduling software or via manual inputs.

Once the vehicle begins its trip, the system monitors execution and alerts in the event of an exception. Investigations on these exceptions can be executed accordingly and reported back to a customer.

In the event that a regulatory compliant delivery notification is required, a report will be mailed to the customer that includes sensor data.

 On Time, Everytime

Safety & Eco Driving Benefits And Features

  • Download all your enterprise delivery locations (Points of Interest) into the system database directly from your ERP or scheduling system

  • Download your pre-approved delivery lines in between distribution centres and various delivery locations

  • Download your periodical schedules directly from ERP / CRM programs and the system will alert you if driver deviates from route, enters zones that are prohibited or stops vehicle in un-authorized areas

  • Deviation from pre-determined arrival at delivery location crates alerts (before or after customer "window" of delivery)

  • Door locks can be installed so that door opening creates an alert or cargo-door opening requires remote unlocking

  • Alerts will be sent in the event the vehicle performs trips that have not been approved or trips are executed during hours that have not been approved