Safety & Eco Driving

Ensuring Responsible Behaviour

Mitigating the potential for collisions is undoubtably a priority for any business. Accidents can damage lives and property, delay cargo deliveries and wreck havoc on your business's reputation in the market. This makes driver safety and responsible driving habits critical. Interestingly, many of the same bad driving habits that decrease safety also increase fuel consumption – two things you definitely want to avoid.

Adopting a safe and responsible driving culture makes sense not only for your business, vehicles and drivers, but also for the environment. That means you need to monitor, alert and improve bad habits, before they cause devastating results.

How It Works

Through comprehensive monitoring tools and sensors, you’ll be informed when a driver is speeding, hard breaking, zigzagging through lanes and more. You'll be alerted if they’ve exceeded their hours of driving allotment, which could result is exhaustion and thus poor judgment. You and your drivers can get real-time alerts for dangerous driving patterns, enabling drivers to correct their behaviour and raising your awareness of potential risk.

The system also ranks your fleet drivers by identifying driving excellence as well as highlighting those drivers that may need additional training. Pointer's safety component builds profiles of each driver within the fleet and continuously monitors all of the drivers, providing the operational insights you need to effect change. In addition to this, our Driver Feedback Device is fitted in front of the driver, alerting them to that they’ve exceeded certain thresholds. Pointer's analysts and safety officers configure the thresholds – such as speed limits – according to your company’s policies.

Besides saving lives, a safe and sustainable fleet brings real business benefits as it enhances your company’s market position by ensuring timely deliveries.

Increase Safety. Decrease Fuel Consumption.

Safety & Eco Driving Benefits

  • Detects, analyzes and reports aggressive or dangerous driver behavior

  • Identifies over-speeding, hard braking, hard braking while turning corners, accelerating, accelerating while turning, lane-deviation and engine idling over pre-defined thresholds

  • Comprehensive reporting captures and stores collision for accident reconstruction – helping to establish cause and potentially mitigate liability

  • Automatic emergency alerting is initiated when an accident is detected with bi-directional communication enabled between the drive and the control center, enabling a more effective response

  • Enables eco friendly driving, as it detects, reports and consolidates events of aggressive driving that increases fuel consumption, emission of carbon gas and accelerated wear and tear of vehicle parts

  • Advanced reporting provides safety officers and trainers valuable insight

  • Integrates with your ERP module, allowing you to calculate the cost of service per mile run and more

  • Reveals your fleet’s CO2 volume

  • Detects fuel theft between refueling using CAN data or a fuel-probe