Third-Party Platform Integration

Keep Everyone Informed

Fleet management generally consists of various disparate software platforms, systems and applications. This includes dispatching, fleet planning, task monitoring, personnel scheduling, managing and scheduling maintenance, vehicle service, refuelling systems, billing and more. These isolated systems are complex to manage, inefficient and inevitably waste time and business resources.

Pointer SA facilitates integration of all of these system into a single comprehensive fleet management solution customised to your specific needs.

Where required, Pointer SA provides a range of integration and information collection options, making your data available to existing systems.

PointerWS is a secure web service that allows third party integrators to retrieve focused data at regular short intervals.

Pointer API is a more comprehensive service, integrating with existing systems and facilitating rapid data exchange that will improve efficiency and make data available as it is required.

Pointer SA supports secure data integration with:

  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems

  • Fuelling Management systems

  • Fleet Rental and Outsourcing companies

  • Service Dispatch systems

  • Risk Management companies

  • Insurance companies

  • HOS (Hours of Service) systems