Vehicle & Driver Security

Vehicle & Driver Security – Stolen Vehicle Retrieval
Dramatically Boosts Your Security

Vehicle theft and load robbery are a primary concern for all fleet operators. Transporting valuable goods and operating high value vehicles makes your business an attractive target for criminal elements. You need the right tools, expertise and support to reduce the risk of these events occuring and reduce their impact if they do.

Pointer Security has a multi-disciplinary approach to mitigating these risks and has developed solutions that address load robbery, theft and recovery through consultation with various security and insurance organisations globally.

How It Works

An extensive range of proven technologies and services make up our security solutions. Customized to address your specific needs, components of the solution include pre-mapping for safe routes with alerts where heighten diligence is necessary; alarm systems; sensors; access control that disables vehicle; video surveillance; panic buttons; analytic tools and much more.

On a 24/7/365 basis, you’ll have the support of our security command centre, with expert advisors assisting at every step. With one of the highest successful vehicle recovery rates in the country, Pointer clients can rest assured that your drivers, vehicles and customers are enjoying the worlds leading edge technologies and methodologies in the vehicle tracking and recovery industry.

Security Peace Of Mind

Vehicle & Driver Security Benefits And Features

  • Enables a rapid, effective response, from authorities and first responders, 24/7

  • Expert event management via tools and security officers at our dedicated command center

  • Alerts to unusual activity such as route deviation, entry or exit of pre-determined points of interest (geographical areas such as rest areas), unlocking of doors while on route etc.

  • Automated pre-programming of vehicle-blocking in the event of communication system jamming or jamming detection

  • Simple and quick integration with risk management companies and other software platforms

  • Data mining and cross-data validation tools enable analysis of events to determine patterns and mitigate future events

  • Anti-fuel fraud tools that identify deviations and signal potential fuel theft and/or fraud