Yard Management for Trailers & Containers

Maintaining Equipment Health And Reliability

If your organisation manages a large inventory of rolling stock, they may be remotely distributed over provinces and even countries. Losing track of them is not an option. Effective management of your yard protects you against loss and ensures a smooth billing process. The challenge is finding a solution that is reliable and effective in conditions that includes remote operations and a lack of power source for sensors and tracking devices. Pointer Yard Management solution addresses these needs and more.

How It Works

Pointer Yard Management solution is designed for harsh environments. The devices and sensors used to monitor and track flatbeds, containers and intermodal trailers, are operated with extra-long life batteries, eliminating the need for a power source. Additionally, they are certified by some of the world’s most stringent standards.

With sensors that alert to movement, tampering and battery drain, combined with software alerting to assets moving out of geo-zones, the solution also manages your yard and rolling stock while helping to mitigate theft and robbery. Additionally, daily time-stamp signals including location, set for pre-defined hours, enables efficient stock counting.

Keep Your Yard Secure And Accounted For

Yard Management Benefits And Features

  • Intelligent battery system makes it possible to operate the solution for up to 32 months

  • Configurable security alerts, include notifications for movement and velocity

  • 24/7/365 dedicated command center, whenever assistance – roadside, medical or first responder – or trailer recovery is needed.

  • Wide range of capabilities including tamper switches, temperature and door sensors

  • Robust, automatic reporting on a wide range of activities

  • Diverse installation methods, including covert, power magnetic (140 lbs / 64 Pounds) and cradle